I stood on the stage for the fifth day in a row. I was in a good mood,

inspired, but a bit tired. The show was going great.....UNTIL....

Bleach on my shirt...again!! Shirt number three in the bin.....that week.

Something had to be done! 

One year later .....after thousands of experiments, meetings with chemists and textile specialists, I finally had the solution!

The hairdresser´s NUMBER ONE FABRIC!

I am proud to hand it over to all my fellow haridressers with a solid promise.   

A stain of bleach is no longer a problem!

RIONOIR saves You from stained clothes, frustration, anger and will save You

lot´s of money.

RIONOIR - genius clothing for genius hairdressers
A sustainable choise

Best regards

Juha Niemi


Joha Nemi0271.jpg